John Carey
70 Avon St.
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Work Completed Date: June 19, 2015

Hire Again: Yes  Approximate Cost: $7,000.00  Description Of Work: Replaced the roof, fascia, and gutters.

Member Comments: 

My experience with Shenandoah Home Improvements was excellent.  From the estimate/presentation to the completion of the job, Glenn Lilly and his team did a wonderful job.   I would especially like to point out the fact that I was under strict time constraints when it came to the date of completion, and Glenn did not just assure me that the job would be done on time; he followed through! His foreman, Roger, (who was also great) after discovering that the fascia was rotted out replaced it on a Sunday!  The folks Glenn uses to install the gutters were also fantastic.  While Shenandoah may not be the cheapest option out there, the quality is well worth the cost!  I strongly recommend Shenandoah Home Improvements, and I would certainly use this company again.

Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 6:57 PM, Henry Costa wrote:

Hi Glenn,

We really appreciate your guys work and everything looks great. The guys were very nice and did a great job.
We can definitely keep the sign in our yard for a few weeks and will make sure to recommend your company to anyone we know looking for a new roof.

Henry Costa

From:      “Rhonda Burd”
Date:        Friday June 10 2016 8:06 AM
To:            <>


First of all, I love the new roof, on the house and the garage.  Your guys did a great job!!

But most of all, THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL PHONE CALL/MESSAGE THAT YOU LEFT ME YESTERDAY!!!  You have no idea what that did for me.  That just reassures me that there are still great people in this sometimes rough world.  I will get that taken care of.  I was so excited, I have let some of my close friends listen to it, because part of me just can't believe it.  I am so glad that my neighbor recommended you and your company.  I will share my GREAT experience with everyone and anyone.


Talk to you soon, and I will MAKE SURE THAT WE MEET!!!!!

Rhonda Burd / Maintenance Operations /  R R Donnelley  Roanoke

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