In order to ensure a tight leak proof job, your roofer must be detail oriented. All vents, valleys and flashings must be installed with the utmost of care and attention to detail. 

We at Shenandoah Home Improvements pride ourselves in making certain your job is done to the highest of care and craftsmanship in the industry. Ask to see a completed job nearby. The difference is very apparent. 

Our Roofing specifications include:

  • ​Accomplish all work with skilled workman
  • Inspect roof and replace bad wood as needed 
  • Install new felt base sheet
  • Install aluminum drip base molding at roof edge along gutters
  • Hand nail all shingles, insuring the highest quality application 
  • Step and counter flash all walls and chimneys as required, using aluminum coil stock with baked enamel paint
  • Haul off debris and magnetically sweep yard

Defective Pipe Collar

Wind Damage

Clogged Gutters and Valley

Common Ro​ofing Problems 

Worn out Shingles

You may ask, if hand nailing is better then why don't all roofing companies hand nail?  Unfortunately, most roofing companies and home builders use air guns in order to reduce labor cost.  It takes a little longer to hand drive the thousands of nails used on your roof and we spend a little more on labor costs to accomplish this, but we are here for the "long haul" and we want your roof to preform up to it's full potential. The extra money spent in labor to hand nail your shingles is money well spent.


People often ask us "What do you do if it rains while you are working on our roof, how do you keep the rain water from coming into our home?" This is an excellent question that deserves a discussion.  First of all, we are constantly monitoring the weather and we will wait until we have "a window of opportunity" to install your roof. Most jobs take from one to three days so we will watch the weather forecast until we fine a time period with a low probability of rain. Secondly, we will roof only one section of your house at a time. Therefore, when we finish for the day you will have a new roof on one section of your house and the existing roof on the rest of the house. Then, if after taking all the precautions we still get hit with rain while working on your house, there are emergency measures we can take that will prevent any water from entering your home. 

Another question we hear is "Can roofing be installed in the winter time?" The answer is yes. Since we have fairly warm winters in the Roanoke Valley there are always several time periods where we have 2-3 nice days which is just enough time to install most roofs and generally speaking our workers are usually much more comfortable on a cool day than in the hot sun. 


You can't help but notice that every year we seem to experience more severe winds here in the valley. There are countless numbers people needing roofing and siding repairs because of this wind damage.  Therefore, here at Shenandoah Home Improvements we recommend to our customers a highly wind resistant shingle along with a hand nailed installation. Owens Corning offers a line of architectural shingles that have excellent wind resistance for just a slightly higher cost than the more traditional less wind resistant shingle that most people currently have on their homes. 

Wind Resistant Installation

One of our new construction disciplines has to do with hand nailing all our roofing shingles. Although you seldom hear it mentioned by many roofing companies, hand nailing is the best way to assure that you roof will last in times of high winds regardless of the wind rating on the shingle that is being installed.  Most contractors use pneumatic nail guns and the results just aren't up to par with our quality standards.  The reason for this is that nail guns often misfire driving the nails in crooked, too deep, or not deep enough. Whenever a nail is not properly driven into the shingle then the nails ability to secure the shingle during high winds is jeopardized. Also, nails used in air guns are different from traditional hand driven nails. The heads on air gun nails are smaller than those on hand driven nails. The smaller the nail head the less hold power it has during high winds. 

A new roof over your head is just the beginning!

Unless your contractor uses the best materials and employs the utmost of craftsmanship in the installation of your roof, the cost down the road for not doing so can equal or exceed the cost of the roofing job,

It is the hidden cost of shady workmanship that will result in your new roof developing a leak, which will lead to costly interior repairs. 

A leaking roof may cause mold or fungus to form on your inner walls and insulation.  This "hidden danger" has proven to be a threat to you family's health and well being. 


Our roofing shingles carry a lifetime guarantee from Owens Corning and our Workmanship is guaranteed for five years from the completion date.