Here at Shenandoah Home Improvements we have a long history in the business of contracting and installing vinyl siding on homes all over the state of Virginia from Front Royal to Pulaski. From our inception, we have always employed the most experienced and talented siding installers available. Our customers are always amazed at how talented our installers are. It doesn't take long to realize that we have the best around.

We can work wonders on your home when it comes to the exterior siding and trim work. We are great at smoothing out rough walls and at fabricating even the most detailed aspects of your trim. We hand nail all our siding giving you the highest quality application and we always include 1/4" insulation on all your frame walls to help with your heating and cooling bills. Then we top off your siding job with new shutters and gutters. 

Color Selections

When it comes to picking out the right colors for your home we have the experience and tools to help you. Whether you are considering a new roof or new siding we are willing to go that extra mile to insure that you will know ahead of time what your house will look like.  Picking the right color combination doesn't cost a penny more than picking the wrong color combination, but the difference it can make in your home is priceless.

We keep a list of jobsite addresses so that you an go and see various colors of roofing, siding, and brick exteriors. That way you can see what a color is really going to look like on your home. We also have a computer program we use in the color selection process. We take a picture of your home, upload it into the computer, and then we apply various colors of roofing, siding and trim on your home. It is a great way to make a color selection. 


‚ÄčIn addition to roofing, we can replace your vinyl siding and windows, improving the appearance, value and energy efficiency in your interior environment.  The same careful attention to detail that we give roofing is given to the installation of vinyl siding and high efficiency replacement windows. Our windows will help you conserve energy and provide the utmost comfort to the interior of your home.