Traditional Look of Grids

We start out by tearing out your old windows and fitting in your new ones. Then we insulate the area around your windows between the frame of the window and the frame of your house. We only use fiberglass insulation for this process. The spray foam type insulation that many installers use is much faster but may expand later on and interfere with operation of your window. Here again, we are interested in doing a quality job regardless of how long it takes.  After insulating around your window, we will caulk and seal them. Then we will trim the outside woodwork around your windows with a heavy gauge aluminum coil stack that never needs painting. Lastly, we haul off all your old windows and properly dispose of them. 

After agreeing to do business we will measure your windows to the nearest 1/4 inch and place an order to have them custom built just for your home.  Then, in about 1-2 weeks we will be back to install them. We are generally able to do most of the inside work during the first day of installation, minimizing the need to have someone at home during the entire installation process. 

A Three Lite Slider


Our company has been installing replacement windows since they were first introduced.  Whether you want basic windows or one with all the options such as Low E glass, Aragon Gas, or Grids, we guarantee that you will be well pleased with the results. We start out by meeting with you in person and going over every aspect of you window replacement project.  When we give you a price, everything you need for a quality installation will be included in the price.  Unlike some companies who advertise an unrealistic low price and then add on 20-30%, when we give you a price it is for a complete job.